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Feeling safe and supported is the right of everyone in our schools. The Safer Schools Hub is an online space to help create a safe and resilient culture, and offers guidance and resources to support School Leaders, Teachers and Students. 

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If you can, please consider walking, cycling or scooting with your child when to school. This is a great option be… tweeted on (11/29/2021 9:48:53 AM) (about 2 days ago) by SaferSchools2
SCHOOLS - If you are partially closed or fully closed this MUST be put on the Salford Schools Closures page, please… tweeted on (11/29/2021 9:43:14 AM) (about 2 days ago) by SaferSchools2
RT @SaferSchools2: 30% of GM journeys less than 1km are made by car. That’s a 15min walk or 5 minutes on a scooter or bike! If you live… tweeted on (11/26/2021 1:33:48 PM) (about 5 days ago) by SaferSchools2
Check out our new blog: Prevent Radicalisation and Extremism by Acting Early tweeted on (11/26/2021 9:35:39 AM) (about 5 days ago) by SaferSchools2


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